3 Things You’re Doing To Sabotage Your Work Life And How To Create Success Instead

When you’re just purely passionate about your work, when it’s so interesting, exciting, and heartfelt for you, it often follows that you can’t see where you might be sabotaging your own success.

Do you experience:
• Frustration at not having enough time for the things you love, or to create the work life you want?
• Self doubt about whether you can be successful in your work?
• Overwhelm and confusion about what to do to be organized and to move forward in your work and your
• Feeling confused or trapped around money?

If you’re nodding your head at any of these, read on to find out  the 3 things you’re doing to sabotage your work life — and how to create success instead.

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Chances are, if you don’t have the efficient, successful, calm work life you want right now, you’re probably sabotaging yourself in one or more of these ways:
1. You’re Not Setting Time Boundaries
2. You’re Not On Good Terms With Money
3. You Don’t Treat Your Work Like A Business

Here are actionable steps to stop these common forms of self sabotage.

Work Life Sabotage #1: You’re Not Setting Time Boundaries

Or more accurately, you’re either not setting them, or not honoring the ones you’ve set.

Here’s why you need to look at setting time boundaries, and what to do about it:
Only you know your deep passion to give your gifts. No one else will respect the time it takes to create the work life you want until you do.

Are you caught up in the indecision about whether you’re good enough or know enough to do what you do?
Does your critical inner voice sabotage your attempts to get your work going or expand it?

Press pause on that inner tape. You know enough to start! And the passion you feel about your work is what’s pulling you forward — don’t let the negative voices get in the way.

Action: Decide on a set period of time where you are not allowed to question and doubt your validity as a practitioner. (Unless you really do need more training and, if so, go get that first). I suggest 6 months – one year. In that time, just pursue your goals of creating or advancing your work and put all your energy into them. When doubts appear, remind them they are welcome to come back at that future date, but right now they are not going to be entertained.

Until you start thinking of your work as a business and you as its best asset, you’ll be forever prioritizing everything else over your work. And your work will not progress to what you dream it could be.

• Do you set aside time to work on your business but consistently book clients, students, or other things in
that time?
• Do you want to reach out to new people to grow your clients or student roster, but never have time?
• Do you never have time to learn new things, or implement what you learn?
• Do you get lost in new ideas that take you away form your core business?

Other people treat us based on how we treat ourselves and how we teach them, through boundaries, to treat us. It all starts with how you treat yourself.

Action: Stop expecting other people to create the time for you to work on your business. Raise the level of priority your business has in your life. See your work as a business and decide what your ‘business work schedule’ is — the time outside of when you actually see clients and students that you use to work on your growing your business.

Lots of little instances of a lack of boundaries add up to loss of time, money, and self respect.

• Do you let clients come late and then go over on the session time?
• Do hold clients to the cancellation policy you set?
• Do you even have a cancellation policy and do people know about it?
• If you teach classes, do you let students ask personal questions for an unlimited time after class?
• Do you give yourself too little time between clients to care of your basic needs, such as eating, using the bathroom, and clearing your head?
• Are you constantly giving away your time and expertise for free, without any benefit to your business? (Good reasons would be: exposure, establishing yourself as an expert, building your mailing list, or raising awareness about your services)

Action: Identify and correct the little ways you don’t respect your own boundaries in your work. Start with one are and slowly work on bringing that boundary into pale through speaking it and honoring your words.

Setting realistic time boundaries on yourself and those around you will increase your self respect and sense of inner calm and reduce resentment, frustration, and the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Work Life Sabotage #2: You’re Not On Good Terms With Money

Money mindset is tricky when you’re a health and wellness practitioner because it’s easy to feel that you’re not being spiritual or sincere in your work if you care about it. But the truth is, at least where I live, they still want money for the rice and beans I buy at the health food store, and I never think the owner is unspiritual for charging me.

Create change in your money mindset:

• Embrace money as energy and direct it toward you
• Get past scarcity mentality and into abundance mode
• Speak your money needs clearly to the Universe
• Respect money, so it will respect you
• Know your money and actively direct it in your life
• Believe in your worthiness
• Set up an expectation for success

We all know these things are true!

So why is it so hard to:

• Charge what you’re worth? Or begin charging at all…
• Raise your prices?
• Say no to expensive side tracks that take you from your core business?
• Hire the help you need so you can focus on what you do best?
• Keep track of expenses, income, and profits and loss in your business?
• See money in a positive light?

Money Stumbling Blocks

• Old money ideas from childhood
• Equating money with greed
• Seeing money and spirituality as opposing forces
• Not understanding how to manage money

How To Shift Your Money Mindset:

1. Begin to get to know your money!

ACTION: Track your income and expenses for one week.Get to know what you earn and spend and make conscious choices around money.

ACTION: Set up “Money Baskets” and fill them each month, in this order:

• Pay yourself first: set aside money to put in your retirement account
• Set aside money for taxes
• Feed an emergency account until you have 3-6 months of expenses in it
• Pay your expenses promptly and work to get out of credit card debt
• Give to your favorite charity
• Add to a dream or travel fund

2. Examine your old beliefs about money from your family

ACTION: Think about to how your parents or caretakers handled money and what they taught you about it. Decide for yourself which of their examples and lessons work for you and embrace conscious choices around money.

When you take control of your money, you are taking control of your future.

Work Life Sabotage #3: You Don’t Treat Your Work Like A Business

Do you love what you do and feel connected to how it helps others? Is your work also your passion? Does it make your heart sing to do your work and see your clients and students getting results and transforming? Do you love learning more about your work and read and take classes whenever you can?

Congratulations, you’ve found you’re CALLING!

But in doing that, you’ve also created a BUSINESS.

What does that mean to you as a professional?

• Stop thinking business is a bad word; reframe it as ‘professional’ and take yourself seriously!
• Respect the needs of your business and give it the time and energy it needs to succeed
• Get and keep those great time and money boundaries, as you create work-life balance
• Set up the systems you need to make your business work FOR you

You may be a new entrepreneur and not used to setting business goals and deadlines. Or you may love the creative side of your work and not the business side. Or you may be hustling to start or grow your work on the side and have little time or brain space to get and stay organized.

Do any of these describe you?

• Overwhelmed by all your ideas? Or too tired to generate any?
• Wanting to reach more people, but you don’t know how?
• Exhausted just thinking about everything you need to do? And not even clear what it all is?
• Feeling pressured to take action, but unsure where to begin?
• Frustrated at your own procrastination?
• Cranky? Foggy brained? Short-tempered? Depressed? Like you’re chasing your tail?

Here’s the good news: there’s hope for you!

These are really common self sabotages and we all fall into them now and again, or all the time. But there is a way out, and it’s not difficult, once you find the systems that works for you and put it into place for good.

What A Well Organized Business Looks Like

A well organized business is one that works for you, supports and sustains you, and allows you the freedom, balance, income, and deep satisfaction you desire.

Here are the 5 ingredients every well organized business has:

1. Organizational Systems: A system for organizing your ideas, projects, and the tasks you need to
achieve your business (and life) goals
2. Internal Clarity: A clear picture of what you do, how you do it, who you want to work with, and what
problems you solve
3. Money Clarity: A target amount of money you want to make this year and clarity about what you
want to do to earn it
4. Communication Platform: An authentic and magnetic presence on the internet, either a website or
social media presence or both
5. Marketing Plan: An up-to-date marketing and communication plan to both serve your current
customers and grow your business

These 5 ingredients are essential to having a successful wellness business.

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