Holistic Life Coaching Certification – 8 Month Online Program

Inspire Transformation In Yourself And Others

Next program begins October 10th, 2016.

Build a meaningful, successful career in Life Coaching, using a proven, holistic coaching methodology.
• Make a DIFFERENCE in people’s lives
• See and feel everyday that YOUR WORK MATTERS
Grow and evolve as a personal and professional coach

Take your passion, knowledge, and life experience and add new skills and techniques to empower yourself and others.

• Learn a unique coaching model and coaching techniques for successfully working with clients as you facilitate empowered change in any area of their lives.

Learn these techniques:  
• Lifestyle Assessment
• Empowerment Facilitation
• Unconditional Acceptance
• Deep Listening
• Co-listening and Mirroring
• Facilitated Focusing
• Belief and Question Work
• Affirmation and Imagery
• Positive Psychology Tools

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Program Details: Completely Online/Phone Training Program

• 15 Modules of online training program materials, released every other week over 8 months:
        • Webinar or Video Lessons (downloadable)
        • Extensive Handouts (downloadable)
24/7 access to the program materials
Private Facebook Group
Lifetime Access to the program and updates


THREE PROGRAM LEVELS TO CHOOSE FROM: Choose the level that’s right for you:
• MASTERY Level: The most comprehensive and interactive, includes Group Office Hours Calls, 8 Private Coaching Sessions with the instructor, a Private Facebook Group, and two, 2-Day Skills Training Retreats (done in person or live online).
• APPRENTICE Level: work one-on-one with the program director each month as you do the online lessons. Enjoy group interaction in the private Facebook Group.
• INDEPENDENT STUDY Level: all on your own, at your own pace

What Students Say

“Annie authentically shares her life experiences, allowing me as a student to relate the work on a deeper level. She has an incredible ability to deliver sometimes dense, deep materials and yet relate it to me as the student in a way which I can digest and understand.”
                               – Holistic Coaching Graduate, Janice Pierson, Baltimore, MD

“Annie is an exceptional teacher. She is strong yet gentle, kind and loving. She teaches with incredible depth and precision. The Holistic Life Coaching

Certification is extraordinarily thought-out and taught with multi levels of understanding in mind. There is rich work here for everyone. You will be transformed through the program. Annie is extraordinary at what she does. I am among the blessed to have experienced this teacher and her style of teaching.”
                                 – Holistic Coaching Graduate, Elisa Zimmerman, Bloomsburg, PA
“Annie comes at life with a passion that is so big and authentic that others can’t help but become inspired by it. She has a pioneering spirit. Her creativity makes her see things from a unique perspective and she’s able to mold them into something brand new so others can benefit!“
                                 – Holistic Coaching Graduate, JoAnna Frank, Pittsburgh, PA


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empowerment-bookThree required books challenge and inspire your journey

to becoming a Holistic Life Coach.

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