What if there was a way to bring together your knowledge, experience, skills, and life purpose to inspire transformation in yourself and others?

Start Here —The Holistic Life Coaching Certification

Complete, Step-By-Step, Online Training • Available On Demand 

What if you could facilitate powerful conversations that CHANGE LIVES — helping people become empowered to create the authentic life they want?

  • Make a difference in people’s lives every day
  • Create work freedom for yourself and your family
  • See and feel everyday that your work matters
  • Grow and evolve personally and professionally to reach
    your maximum potential and impact in the world

What if you had a unique coaching model for successfully helping clients GET RESULTS in any area of their lives?

Learn these techniques:  
• Lifestyle Assessment
• Empowerment Facilitation
• Unconditional Acceptance
• Deep Listening
• Co-listening and Mirroring
• Facilitated Focusing
• Belief and Question Work
• Affirmation and Imagery
• Positive Psychology Tools

What if you could weave together your passion, knowledge, and new skills to craft a MEANINGFUL AND REWARDING CAREER while you explore life from a holistic perspective?

Create inner transformation in all areas of life — with Program Themes that include:

  • The Holistic Perspective
  • Empowerment Facilitation
  • Professional Development
  • Connecting with:
    • The Body (from the eastern and western perspectives)
    • Emotions
    • Others
    • Spirituality
    • Creativity
    • Work, Time, and Money
    • The Environment
    • Your Inner Healer and Healthcare

It’s All Online

• Our own program website
• 14 Online Modules (over 50 total hours)
• Lessons taught via webinar
• Watch or listen on any device
• Download the handouts and slide decks
• Enjoy done-for-you client resources
• 24/7 and lifetime access
• Work at your own pace

You’re Fully Supported

• Receive 6 private coaching sessions with
program creator and long-time coach
and teacher, Annie Mascelli
• Schedule your 75-minute sessions
monthly at your convenience
• Get personal coaching and professional
guidance while you experience the
holistic coaching model

See Yourself Flourish

• Continue your personal journey of
growth and evolution
• Focus your innate gifts into finely tuned
skills to use to help others
• Realize your potential
• Live more purposefully with tools for
yourself and your work

Get Support From An Experienced Life Coach and Teacher

Let’s explore your vision, goals, & questions in a Free 30-Minute Phone Session.

What Graduates Say

Students come from all walks of life and all backgrounds.

“Annie is an exceptional teacher. She is strong yet gentle, kind and loving. She teaches with incredible depth and precision. The program is extraordinarily thought-out and taught with multi levels of understanding in mind. There is rich work here for everyone. You will be transformed through the program. Annie is extraordinary at what she does. I am among the blessed to have experienced this teacher and her style of teaching.”           ~ Elisa Zimmerman, Bloomsburg, PA

“Annie comes at life with a passion that is so big and authentic that others can’t help but become inspired by it. She has a pioneering spirit. Her creativity makes her see things from a unique perspective and she’s able to mold them into something brand new so others can benefit!“          ~JoAnna Frank, Denver, CO

Invest in Yourself, Your Work, And Your Life

  • Online Training Materials
         – 14 Modules totaling over 50 Hours of Training
         – All handouts and slide decks
  • 6 One-On-One Coaching Sessions
         – Total of 7.5 Hours, a $510 Value

  • Lifetime Access To The Materials

All for only $1,997
Or 12 monthly payments of just $197

Enroll now and begin your personal
and professional journey today!