Holistic Life Coaching Certification Pre-Start Packet

Welcome! Please carefully read this important information about your program.


Program Website:

All the program materials are on a private website. Once I add you to the site, you’ll be able to login any time to view all the program materials. Online lessons are presented through audio, video, and written materials.

You have access to any posted lesson at any time and can work with the materials on your own schedule.

IMPORTANT! Please work on the lessons IN ORDER, as the themes, skills, and tools build on each other in sequence.

Please review these two PDFs to help you get started right and to get the most out of the program.


There are three books to purchase to complete the reading assignments.

 The Art of Empowerment by David Gershon and Gail Straub
David and Gail were my teachers and this deceptively simple book is a powerhouse that will inform and guide our understanding of the heart of our coaching model. Read the first 3 chapters to get started.
The Body Language of Illness by Eleanor Limmer.
Great compilation of a lot of different perspectives on how symptoms in the body are speaking to us. Please note: this book puts forth some thought provoking ideas, some of which you may question or not agree with, all of which will invite further reflection.

The Power Of Focusing, By Ann Weiser Cornell
Focusing is a foundational technique in Holistic Life Coaching and will provide a strong basis for much of your emotional processing work with clients. The original book on the subject is Focusing, by Eugene Gendlin, PhD, but over the years I have found that students find this book, by a student of Gendlin’s, to be more accessible.

You may choose to use my Amazon Affiliate links to purchase the books. This sends a penny or two (literally) my way, at no extra cost to you.

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Your Private Coaching Sessions
Use my convenient online scheduler to schedule any of your six 75-Minute Coaching Sessions.

Schedule here: https://calendly.com/anniemascelli/hlc-student-session


Questions? Email me at annie@yourspiritedlife.com.

Enjoy the adventure!

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