Worry-Less ToolKit

Welcome to the Worry-Less ToolKit!

This Toolkit is designed to help you:

1. Identify the factors contributing to your stress, worry, and anxiety

2. Ask yourself powerful questions to unlock the important messages of worry and anxiety

3. Learn to observe and rate your stress level so you can choose the right tool for the moment

4. Practice healthy coping tools in moments of stress, worry, and anxiety

5. Free your mind from cyclical thoughts, negative coping strategies, and pointless stress

Download the handbook:

Download Worry-Less Handbook

You might also want to watch a voice-over-slides presentation of the the Handbook HERE. (This is the same Handbook material that’s in the Workshop, condensed into under 30 minutes. Apologies, he audio is not the best.)

Watch the Handbook Video

Watch the video, below, to get details on how to use some of the more complex tools:

Watch How-To Video for the Worry-Less Tools

I hope these tools help you reduce your worry and anxiety and live more joyfully in the present moment.

If you’d like a free half-hour support call to help you get the most of these tools or to see if working together one-on-one is right for you, book a Free 30 Minute Discovery Session HERE.

All My Best,