Welcome to the Plan Your Best Year Challenge!

In taking on this challenge, you’ve already taken a big step toward making the coming year your best year yet. I’m excited to share this fun and inspirational planning process with you. In this Challenge you will:

  • Gently review the previous year to learn everything you can from it
  • Create a powerful and realistic vision for what you want in the coming year
  • Plan your year in a way that sets you up to succeed

How To Do The Challenge

  1. Bookmark this webpage, so you can return easily.
  2. Gather the following supplies:
    • Wall calendars with squares at least one inch wide (Use a premade calendar or download one for free at www.timeanddate.com)
    • ‘Page marker’ sized stickie notes in several colors
    • Scissors
    • Glue Stick
  3. Start making a list of important plans already set for the coming year, such as travel, vacation, work projects, weddings, graduations, conferences, etc. Talk to your family, loved ones, friends, boss, and coworkers to get input.
  4. Download the Planning Workbook BELOW.
  5. Watch each video in order (Day 1, 2, 3) and do the corresponding pages from the workbook with each video.
  6. Watch the Masterclass, where you’ll plan your year using your supplies, information, and ideas from the Workbook.

Watch the Day 1 Video and do the corresponding Workbook pages:

Watch the Day 2 Video and do the corresponding Workbook pages:

Watch the Day 3 Video and do the corresponding Workbook pages:

Watch the Masterclass and create your calendars!

Check out the Planning Resources Roundup, a collection of blogs and printables to help you plan, save time, energy, and money, and stay motivated to achieve your goals in life and business.

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