I spent a lot of time by water this summer: catching waves at the ocean, tubing down my creek, playing fetch with a retriever in a river, sitting by a pond, and watching the rain in my garden. Here’s what I learned….

10 Things I Learned From Water

1. Let Go

Like a waterfall, take a chance and dive into your life.

2. Keep Coming Back

Like waves on the beach, keep returning to what is “home” for you, what is meaningful and important.

3. Own Your Power

Like big swells, let yourself be as BIG as you truly are, owning your story, your work, your mission, and your choices.

4. Sometimes Be Still

Find some silence each day, to listen to the deepest part of yourself.

5. Connect to Source

Like a droplet, splashing up in its own expression and then returning to the mother flow, remember that you, too, come from and will return to Source one day.

6. Nourish Others

Like the rain nourishes the garden, take some time to nourish others, so they, too, will flourish.

7. Be Patient and Persistent

Like water wearing down the rock, be patient and persistent as you follow your dreams.

8. Find Your Path

Like a stream making its way through the countryside, carve your own path in the world.

9. Have Boundaries

Like the banks of a river, create boundaries to keep yourself safe, focused, healthy, and strong.

10. Reflect on Who You Are

Like the trees and sky reflected in a pond, take the time to learn your own heart and live according to its wisdom.