Is connecting with intuition just for special, sensitive people? Do you wish you knew how to access your inner wisdom and deeper understanding? Would you like to get underneath the busyness of your mind to really know what’s best for you now?

And just what does a buttercup and a cow have to do with all this?

The truth is, everyone — yes, you! — can get in touch with their deep knowing, gain instant insight into any situation or person, and use this knowledge in daily life.

What is Intuition?

The definition of intuition is: “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.” In other words, instantly knowing something, rather than thinking through and deciding.

Have you ever walked into a room and instantly sensed tension? Or the palpable feeling of joy? Or maybe you felt immediately at ease with a new person, or just the opposite.

You didn’t have to think through any of those situations, you just knew. That’s your intuition talking.

But why aren’t you able to do that all the time?

We all have the ability to be that intuitive and sensitive, but most of the time our minds are too busy and full to notice the subtler things. There’s too much “noise” in our heads to be in touch with the information we receive through knowing. This can only come through quieting the mind.

Why is intuition important?

Albert Einstein said, “You can’t change a situation with the consciousness that created it.”

In other words, you can’t think your way out of your limiting beliefs and situations with the same mind that created the limits in the first place.

You’ve got to shift your thinking, or, as I’m suggesting, get underneath your usual habits of mind and patterns of deliberation, to realize the deeper insights you need to move forward.

Once you “get out of the way,” deeper insights can come through.

And that’s where the buttercup and the cow come in.

This past weekend, I had a retreat day with my Holistic Life Coaching students. We spent the afternoon working with different exercises to invoke deeper knowing. We had an odd number of people, so when it came time to pair up, one of the students, who wasn’t feeling that well, decided to sit out the intuition exercise.

But then two amazing things happened.

She could still hear me facilitating the others through the exercise and she did it on herself. And it worked! (In all my years of teaching this — about 16 — I never even thought to try it out on myself!) The second amazing thing was that, in the second round, she did it on me. (I haven’t done this exercise with any one in 18 years, so it was quite a treat!)

The exercise calls for getting in touch with the essence of the other person, in this case me, in the form of a flower, and then asking the flower questions.

Just like every other time I’ve done this exercise, I was blown away with the messages from the flower. And she saw a cow for me as well!

She also got very deep insights into herself through doing the exercise on herself.

All of which made me realize three things I needed to do: 

  • Share the message the buttercups gave
  • Tell you about the cow
  • Give you the Intuition Exercise to try!

Who knew a buttercup could be so profound?

In the experience, my student saw a large patch of buttercups in a valley and going up a hillside. At the top of the hill was a cow with a bell around it’s neck. There was a glow emanating from the main cluster of buttercups and the message was:

“I’m desperate for others to know they can be fed by their own glow.”

This was deeply moving to me because at the heart of why I do what I do — coach, teach, and write — is my desire for you all to know that deep inside you is a light of love and joy that you can source each and every day.

You truly do glow from within!

The buttercups also said “The one, single, solitary buttercup on the hill is safe, and connected to all the other buttercups.” 

Do you need this reminder right now? 

That though you might stand alone in your beliefs or your work or your feelings about something, there is a group of like minded and like hearted people who you’re connected to? It’s true! And, there it is, out of the mouth of a patch of buttercups.

Will you remember that today? That you’re connected to me and this community of people? That you are not alone?

Finally, the buttercups also said, “Trust the cow, don’t be afraid of it,” and that “the cow needs to ring its bell!”

Whatever parts of yourself you’re rejecting, or are afraid to show others, know that you don’t need to fear anything. You are lovable just as you are, flaws and all. And if you’re thinking of stepping out and “ringing your bell” in the world, I fully support you!

“Trust the cow” is my new motto!

I hope you’ll try this Intuition Exercise and see what insights your deep wisdom is just waiting to reveal.

Instantly download the exercise now.

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All My Best,