Wondering which Coaching Program level is right for you? Deciding between Certification and Apprentice Levels?
You’re not alone! Let me share with you what I’ve told other prospective students who are wondering the same thing.
Which Coaching Program Level Is Right For Me?
The short answer is actually a question: Can you make the two retreats?
Because if you can arrange to be at the two retreat events (October 23-25 and May 13-15), then definitely sign up for the Certification level.
It’s that simple, really. Here’s why —
Ideally, the best way to get the most out of this program is to get the benefits of in-person time with me and the other students. There’s nothing like watching live demonstrations and being able to ask questions, or practicing coaching with another student with me right there guiding you and giving you support and feedback. Maximizing your understanding and mastery of the skills and techniques is best served by all the personal interactions you’ll get at the Certification level.
These interactions also include monthly group coaching calls and the option to participate in the online group forum. In both cases, you’ll get the benefit of hearing my answers to other students’ questions, learn from their experiences, and get to know the people who will become your practice partners when you pair up later on to try out your new skills over the phone. And you get the inspiration, support, encouragement and friendship from your group members, who will become life-long friends, colleagues, accountability partners, and collaborators.
Why is in-person time so important?
There’s simply nothing that rivals the exponentially more powerful synergy of a group learning environment. Instead of just your own thoughts, feelings, and reactions to a particular topic, you get 10 or 15 other perspectives. Imagine how your ideas and understanding broadens, your compassionate heart opens, and your listening skills sharpen — all by being present in the group experiences.
Being present while others work through their thoughts and feelings, deal with resistance, and awaken to new possibilities — which is exactly what you’ll do as a life coach — is an incredibly powerful learning tool.
So why is there an Apprentice Level?
Because life is not ideal and not everyone can make it to the two retreats. Or afford the tuition for the Certification Level. Again, it’s really that simple.
Several people from places as far away from Central PA as Seattle and Sweden have expressed the impossibility of flying in for the two retreats. So, for them, the best way to do the program is at the Apprentice Level.
What’s your reason for leaning toward one level or the other? Are you confused about which level is best for you?
I’d love to hear what’s going on and talk over your ideas and concerns before Friday’s Pre-Registration Deadline. Call me during the Open Call In Day on Monday, July 27th anytime between 8am and 8pm EST. Call 814 349-4362. Or email me to set up a time to talk about your goals, dreams, and concerns.
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