I want to talk about what’s in your closets… and mine.

I have a lot of stuff. This is because I’m sentimental, curious, creative, and enthusiastic. These are all great qualities, but not when they lead to bulging closets, an overstocked craft room, shelves of books I don’t need, a cluttered basement and, well…. you get the picture.

I have things from from the past and the life I used to have. Then there’s the stuff from the life I wanted and thought I would have, but Life had other plans.

I want to embrace who and where I am in life, and what’s important to me now.

I’m ready to free myself from the tyranny of Things Unfinished, Ideas Not Actualized, and Who I Used To Be, Could Have Been, or Might Be Someday. I want less things to organize, dust, and feel guilty about not using, wearing, or getting the most out of.

And I want more space for what matters, more time for what’s important, and more free flowing energy in and around my home, head, and heart.

This is key to Simplifying.

So, I’m currently in a determined purge of everything I own. Closet by closet, shelf by shelf, drawer by drawer, I’m sorting through and collecting everything that doesn’t fit my current life or priorities — which are joy, meaning, and possibility. And I’m having a Huge Yard Sale in a few weeks. (Saturday, October 4th for local folks)

Here’s what I’m shedding:
Gorgeous antique linens I have too many of to use
Cool records (remember those?) and a brand new turntable collecting dust
Fabulous kitchen items, like a bread machine that no longer serves my grain-free eating
Gently used clothes that don’t make me look and feel fabulous
Fabric and other crafty items I don’t choose to make time for anymore
Super sexy custom-built bicycle I haven’t ridden in 15 years
Interesting, practical, and inspiring books I’ve already read
Beautiful, framed artwork that doesn’t fit my home or taste anymore
Antiques and collectibles sitting unused in the basement
Fun jewelry I don’t wear and someone else would love
Sensational solar oven I don’t use enough to justify keeping (Turns out I’m just not that green.)
Vintage acoustic guitar I chose piano and choir over

There’s nothing about owning this stuff that makes me, ME. I’ll still be sentimental, curious, creative, and enthusiastic once it’s all gone. I’ll still keep the important things, and who knows what will come into my life when all this other stuff isn’t cluttering it up?

Simplifying Challenge #2: Making Room For What Really Matters (in your Head, Heart, and Home)

You don’t have to go as far as a determined purge, but here’s a short list you of items you could put together this week to donate, give away, throw out, or sell. Think of it as a scavenger hunt. (Thanks, Courtney Carver.) The point is to start Simplifying somewhere, even if it’s just one closet, or one drawer.

1 small kitchen appliance
2 winter coats
5 trinkets
10 products in bathroom
2 pieces of art
2 tools
5 pieces from a junk drawer
2 throw pillows
10 books

Here’s to making room for the person you are and the life you have.

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All My Best,

P.S. That’s me, sporting my new shorter, lighter haircut —4 inches cut off! Less hair maintenance = more time for fun!