One of the gifts of spring is a sense of hope and renewal. You can see, smell, and hear the vibrancy of new life in the buds, flowers, and song birds. I invite you explore your own inner landscape, and to be reminded that you have rich Spiritual Gifts inside you, waiting to blossom into the world. You’re here for a purpose, and NOW is always the time to reconnect with that Life Purpose and live it fully.


To support you in taking a little time for yourself, and to help you reconnect to how special and unique you are, I’ve created a FREE Spiritual Gifts and Life Purpose Guided Journey Experience. I hope you’ll set aside time in the next week or two, while the Earth continues its wake-up from winter, to enjoy this journey into your own inner wisdom.

A Guided Journey is a one where your imagination, guided by the images I provide, connects you to your deepest inner knowing. I invite you to trust yourself in this experience, and to let go of judgement about what messages, sensations, or images you receive during the journey. Just be curious and enjoy the process!

Have your journal, a notebook, or pen and paper handy, for recording your thoughts and inner wisdom about your Spiritual Gifts and Life Purpose.

Listen anywhere — while on walk, working the garden, or sitting or lying quietly with your eyes closed.

To sign in to access your FREE Guided Journey, just click HERE.

Many Spring Blessings,


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