I’m back in the garden (slowly working my way through that big mulch pile) and I notice I’m having a lot of conversations while I’m weeding, planting, and mulching — one sided conversations. Specifically, conversations with people who aren’t there.

In some cases, I have the same conversation over and over — hard to get any resolution when there’s no one there to dialogue with — and at other times I relive an old conversation and think about… well, you know… “I should have said…” (something absolutely brilliant that would inspire shock and awe). Or “I could have said…” (and had the last word) or the cringe-worthy, “Why did I say…. when I could have said… or, better yet, just kept my mouth shut?”

I also plan out what I’m going to say in the future, in some imagined encounter. Can’t be too prepared for spontaneous interactions!

These conversations, which I realize we all have from time to time, can consume me and, although some are very pleasant, they all keep me from relaxing my mind and really enjoying the moment. In the garden, this means warm sun, cool breezes, delight in what’s springing up now, and the delicious feeling of working the soil and creating beauty.

Through all this I’ve re-realized I want to be Here. Now.

One of my brilliant life coaching students, Yoga and Fitness Teacher Kerry Bestwick, designed her final class project, a workshop, based on one word: Nowhere. She said you can either be Nowhere, or Now Here. Same letters, totally different meaning.

Because it’s a a pretty black and white choice. You can either be Now Here, or be Nowhere.

What will you choose today?

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