I’ve made some really dumb decisions. Like that huge color printer I bought at auction for my school that turned out to streak on every page and was too old to get replacement parts for. A $2500 mistake!

Thinking that people would change or that I could change them. BIG MISTAKE!

And then there was the 80’s big hair thing… what were we all thinking?

Somewhere along the way I’ve made 4 smart decisions that make my life and business thrive. I’m sure I stumbled on all these things through a ridiculous amount of trial and error, so here they are to help you so, hopefully, you don’t have to go through the same disappointments, embarrassment, and bad perms I did.

Have at them:

  1. I decided to figure myself out — how I really think and feel, and what I want, need, and love. And I’ve accepted myself. I own my stuff as best I can. I say I’m sorry when I need to, and I say No when it’s appropriate, especially to myself. I take time to rest and replenish. I have self respect as well as a healthy dose of not taking myself too seriously. (Most of the time!)
  2. I got organized. I figured out the tools, systems and people I need in my life to keep me focused and moving forward so I can do my most creative work and take care of myself, too.
  3. I learned how to take care of the business side of my work. This means I’ve learned how to strategize, plan, grow the business, stay organized, chunk projects down, find the right help, and learn new things. All of which allows me to do this work I absolutely love AND pay my bills AND have some fun on the side. (Zydeco dancing, anyone?)
  4. I decided leap — but not without a net.
    I grew up with constant messages about being safe and secure, with a very exact traditional formula for what that would look like. I tried to conform, but soon realized I had to go my own way. At the same time, I realized I had to redefine safety and security for myself, or those nagging fears would always haunt me. I’m not reckless — I do what it takes to ground my leaps in reality. I choose to redefine security as: “I’m smart, resourceful, resilient, and creative and I believe in myself and my vision”
    As an entrepreneur, I’ve had to do some really creative, out-of-the-box thinking over the years. All the while, I’ve dealt with fear, regret, longing, loneliness, and overwhelm with a faith that I have a purpose in life and that I can figure out whatever I need to in order to thrive so I can give my gifts to the world.I’ve been passionate about helping health and wellness practitioners thrive in work and life for over 20 years. To learn more how you can thrive, too, join me for a Free Masterclass.

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All My Best (for you AND your hair),


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