What Client WantsEver try putting yourself in your potential client shoes? Wonder what they’re thinking and feeling? Wondering what they REALLY want from you?

Wonder what makes a client decide to work with you — or not work with you?

You’ve got to ask these questions, whether you’re just starting out as a wellness entrepreneur, or you’re a seasoned professional.

So, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. One that’s true no matter what services, classes, or products you offer.

Every client wants the same thing from you. 

Every potential client wants one thing and that one thing makes the difference between booking your services or not. Knowing what this one thing is, and giving it to them, will make people jump at the chance to work with you and become repeat customers.

Give them what they want and they are yours forever.

Want to know how to satisfy every single client? How to connect with the person in a deep way before they ever set foot in your office or classroom?

Two words: Specific Benefits.

What every single potential client needs and wants is to know what specific benefits they will receive from working with you. They actually care very little about HOW you’re going to give them what they want, they just need to know you will.

Most practitioners focus on telling the facts about their work, about what they’re trained in, where they went to school, and other things about their sessions and classes.

When what your potential client REALLY wants, is to FEEL what it will be like when they receive all the incredible results they’ll get from working with you.

How do you do that in your marketing or conversations?

First you have to get to know your work and client intimately. 

I know you’ve trained and practiced and are really knowledgable about your work. But do you ever look at it from the outside and see it how a person new to it would see it?

A person who’s hurting physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually? Who needs to see and feel connected to the benefits your work could provide?

How do you figure this out?

Paint a picture for your client. 

Help your client FEEL seen and heard before they even walk through the door.

In your marketing, find the essence of the benefits your work offers, get specific about how clients will feel when they work with you, and show proof through testimonials. All this will paint a picture so vivid, your potential client will see themselves stepping into it with ease.

They’ll be eager to book a session or class. 

Don’t worry about being too specific in your marketing message. Chances are right now you’re being way too broad and general, which means you’re not stirring anyone’s emotions too deeply, let alone turning off people who aren’t in your specific target market.

Once you get your message down, there is real therapeutic benefit to the client when they step into the picture you paint.

Help your client engage their powerful belief system to see their results even before they work with you. 

When your client steps into the picture you’ve painted and sees themselves receiving the benefits of your work, they’re engaging the power of their imagination in their own healing process. Their innate healing forces begin to align with the power of positive intention, increasing the clients receptivity to internal shifts and changes. The openness they bring to your session or class allows them to take in the work, trust you, and themselves, in the healing process.

Want to learn how to paint a picture your clients can step into? Get my free, How To Give Clients What They Want Worksheet, HERE.

Use the answers from the worksheet to revise your marketing materials, such as your website or brochure, to create a deep invitation to potential clients. Help them become eager to receive the benefits you can bring them.

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