Why I Created A New Website

Posted on Mar 19, 2014 in Blog, Mindset, Overcoming Fears | 1 comment

There was really nothing wrong with the old one.

Everyone that stopped by beingandbecoming.com, said they loved its content and feel. Strangers, even, not just people who already knew me. So why did I go to all the time, expense, and, need I say, stress, decisions, learning curves, and hair pulling, to create a new site?

One word: Authenticity.

Not that the other site wasn’t Authentic. It was authentic and a leap of faith to close my school after 15 years and launch that site and a private practice. And I have loved every minute of these last few years. Working with people one-on-one is so fulfilling for me. AND, I wanted to give more of myself. I wanted to share what I know through teaching again, and I wanted to share my deep love of the garden and all that it means to me. I wanted to bring more of myself and my spirituality into my work. And my creativity, too. AND I wanted to challenge myself to step into 21st century technology and reach people all over the world, 24/7, without leaving my little house by the creek. So, this new site, packed with my own photographs and with its e-courses, 30 day challenges, ebooks, and lots of other treats I have up my sleeve, is there to do just that.

My intention is to reach out to inspire, teach and work with people in the deepest, most authentic way I can. Which means two other words have shaped this project. Vulnerability and Courage.

I’m standing on the growing edge and inviting you to join me, in whatever way works for you. I offer the material on this site, and my services, for the highest and best good of all, in the service of Spirit and the spark that lives in each of us and draws us toward transformation and fulfillment.



One Comment

  1. So I’ve just at this very moment discovered this new and beautiful site! Such lovely visuals and so much to discover and explore. You are always setting the example for growth and learning and this new format is no exception! Best of luck with these new ways of teaching. I’m so excited that this will enable even more people to connect with your teaching methods and all you have to offer! Beautiful!

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