My contribution to your life this week is to tell you why I’m not writing a blog or creating a freebie resource for you. It’s not because I’ve run out of ideas. On the contrary, I’ve got ideas stockpiled like eggs on a vegan farm.

The reason is I’m taking some vacation time to P-L-A-Y!

You DO take vacation time, don’t you? Time when you completely unplug from your responsibilities and give yourself permission to do nothing productive? Not to organize the garage or paint the spare room. But time to Just. Have. Fun!?

I know I find that hard to do. Being an entrepreneur, I’m always working on 6 different things. And then there’s housework, yard work, personal growth work, etc, etc…

It turns out that play time is a necessity in life, too! It keeps us creative, productive, strong, resilient, and healthy.

So, while I’m off at a Zydeco & Cajun Dance Festival this week , getting my fill of dance, music, and good friends, here are three, short articles to inspire you — and prove to you — the important physical, mental, and emotional benefits of play, and of my favorite activity, dance.

Just in time for you to plan some guilt-free summer fun.

Feast on one of these SHORT articles for inspiration:

The Many Health Benefits of Dancing

Dance For Health (especially as you get older)

Why Adults Should Get Out And Play

All My Best,

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