Want more clients and students but not sure what strategies to use to reach people who will love your work and also be committed to their own health and wellness?

When you’re steeped in doing sessions, teaching classes, and creating products, it can be difficult to make time for promoting your practice to new people. But claiming that “business owner” role is important, in order to keep your practice, and you, vital and thriving.

The beginning of the year is one of the best times to promote wellness work. Ride the high tide of people’s interest in their health all the way through spring, when many want to become more physically active.

My free guide,  10 Smart Strategies To Book More Clients and Students This Month, is your go-to list for creative promotional ideas, both online and offline, to share your work with more people.

Oh, but do you hate marketing yourself??

I invite you to release the limiting belief that promoting yourself is too sales-y and think of your promotional efforts as reaching out and connecting you with people who need you. Your healing gifts aren’t going to help anyone if they can’t find you! Think of self promotion as building relationships. When you do this from a heart centered place, your efforts will feel genuine and authentic to you and others.

The SMARTEST way to apply any promotional strategy is to pick one or two of the 10 Smart Strategies I’m giving you and use them regularly, along with these core concepts —

5 Core Concepts of Self Promotion

  1. Creating Relationships is the most important thing to remember in self promotion. Treat people with the same integrity and respect that you do everywhere in life. Often the decision to work with a healing professional is made on the spur of the moment, and it’s then that you want your name to come to mind.
  2. Consistency: Consistently use at least one of these strategies weekly, monthly, or ongoing, to keep a flow of new people heading your way. This builds the all important “know, like, and trust” factors that people need in order to work with you.
  3. Clarity: Develop a simple marketing strategy that conveys a clear message to your ideal client.
  4. Creativity: Always be true to yourself as you create ways to stand out from the crowd.
  5. Investment: Investing your time, energy, and money in promoting yourself will come back to you, your business, and your life in many positive ways.

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Focus on the one or two Smart Strategies. Choose ones that connect you to your ideal customers. Then follow the 5 Core Concepts as you implement. You might just find that self promotion is fun, creative, and helps you live your passion of doing your healing work!

For more help with marketing, visioning, or organizing your practice, be sure to check out more topics on the blog and the DIY tools.

All My Best,

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