Let me ask you about your wellness practice. Are you relying on word of mouth to get clients and students? Do you feel deeply connected to and soul inspired by the people you do work with?

OR —

  • Is your aromatherapy business stalled?
  • Are you wondering how to recoup all the money you spent on massage school?
  • Are you stuck with clients or students who aren’t enthusiastic about your work or their own healing journey?

There are some simple reasons that those things are happening.

And it’s not because you’re not good enough or there’s too many people doing the same thing, that or you need to learn another modality.

It’s NOT you! It’s the GAPS.

But I’ve got just the thing to close the gaps between you and your thriving, inspiring, sustainable wellness practice.

Let’s take a look at two common gaps in wellness practices (and, really, in any business).

Gap #1: The Disconnect Gap

This gap is because there’s a disconnect between the message you’re putting out (or the silence) about your services and the people who are looking for exactly what you’ve got.

Before social media, you could pretty much close this gap by word of mouth. One satisfied client tells a friend. One grateful student talks about your class. And you’d think that would happen even more now with everyone being so much more connected.

But it’s actually just the opposite — for two reasons.  First, people are more connected but they’re also less engaged, and that’s because there’s also SO MUCH MORE coming at us. We’re all completely bombarded with ideas, options, opinions, and possibilities. Everybody’s got the magic formula for happiness and health. THE way to live well, to eat, to overcome chronic pain, to get a new job, to be successful.

And, as the saying goes, “a confused mind always says No.”

Overwhelmed with too many choices, people looking for EXACTLY what you have to offer choose to do nothing, or to just stick with whatever unsatisfying option they’re already doing. It’s too much, given their busy lives, to see you among the other thousands of things vying for their attention.

This is why relying on word of mouth to build your practice will only take you so far. Yes, you’ll get some clients and students, maybe even ones close to the ideal people who you just absolutely love working with. You may get some. But you’ll also get far fewer clients and students than you want and lots of people that are not a great fit for you.

There is help for this, and I’ll talk about it in a minute, but first, let’s look at Gap #2.

Gap #2: The Soul Resonance Gap

This is the gap between who you’re working with and who your soul needs to resonate with in the work.

I know you’re willing to work with lots and lots of different types of people. You don’t judge your clients and students, you just want to do the work you love and feel the deep satisfaction of helping others.

I’ll bet many of you think you have to work with anyone and everyone in order to be successful. And that sometimes you feel trapped in a practice that isn’t what you envision. It could be there aren’t enough clients and students, or the ones you have aren’t deeply connected to you or the work. It’s OK to feel this way!

You’re not being selfish or snobby. Part of sharing your gift is to be in DEEP RESONANCE with the people you serve. This is why you love what you do at the deepest level of your being. It’s what your calling needs, it’s how your work deepens and matures, and it’s how your work serves your growth as a human being.

Your soul is calling you to do the work AND to do it in resonant circles of people who inspire you just as much as you inspire them.

This is absolutely possible to achieve, whether you’re at the start of your wellness practice or you’ve been around for years! The truth about successful and soul-satisfying practices is that you can have enormous impact on not only HOW MANY clients and students you get, but WHO they are.

You can go beyond word of mouth, beyond referral, beyond taking whoever comes, and actually SHAPE your wellness practice.

This doesn’t happen by magic, and it will never happen unless you take charge of making it happen. It takes consistent, focused, and directed efforts. Not a hundred different things, or things that feel yucky or “not you.” But it also DOESN’T have to be complicated or sales-y, or take all your time.

What it does take is a little time figuring out what works best for your practice, and for you, and then how to put it all together into an action plan.

This is the kind of thing I work on all the time with my business clients and the students, both one-on-one and in the Grow Your Business, Share Your Calling program. I’d love to help you get started on this rewarding part of your journey as a wellness practitioner. Rewarding both financially as well as at a soul level, as you begin to shape a practice that deeply resonates with you and your work, while creating a sustainable income that meets your financial goals (which are really OK to have!).

I hope you’ll join me for the Fill Your Sessions and Classes Free 3 Day Challenge.

It’s a very simple Challenge: one 15 minute assignment per day for 3 days. One 15-20 minute live video per day, and one 90 minute Masterclass where we put everything together and you create the Action Plan you need to shape the practice you want — to fill the gaps in your appointment book, your class rosters, and your soul satisfaction.

And it’s absolutely FREE!

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Wishing you a soul-satisfying and sustainable practice!

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