Just read How The Grinch Stole Christmas!, by Dr. Seuss, to my 5 year old Goddaughter recently. That silly Grinch hates The Whos in Whoville and wants to steal everything that makes Christmas, well, Christmas. And he does — or thinks he does — but he’s wrong about what Christmas really is, and about the Whos.

Just like your Inner Critic, another wily Grinch, is wrong about YOU.

1. Your inner Grinch will try to make you think the holiday is about the trappings — the presents, decorations, and food — and that yours aren’t good enough.

2. Just like the Grinch tried to make his dog into a reindeer, your Inner Grinch will try to trick you into being someone you’re not — by telling you who you are isn’t good enough.

3. And when your sweet, little Cindy-Lou Who self discovers that Inner Grinch, he’ll lie to you, just like he lied to her, just to preserve his own old, bitter story.

Learning the truth about what’s really important made the Grinch’s heart grow three times its size. And those Whos didn’t hold a grudge when the Grinch brought everything back. They welcomed him into the feast, and even let him carve the roast beast.

I have absolutely no doubt that your heart will grow three times its already mighty size, when you remember the Truth — that all of who you are this season, and every other day of the year — is enough. And that you’ll meet yourself with great kindness whenever you remember.

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