As promised, I’ve been honing my recipe for being Powerfully Productive, to share my best tips with you.


• No More Procrastination

• Kiss Overwhelm Goodbye

• Finally Get Things You Care About DONE


There are THREE STEPS to being Powerfully Productive:

  1. Step Back and Brainstorm
  2. Prioritize and Sequence
  3. Make Everything A Project


Grab your pen and paper, and let’s being with Step 1: Step Back and Brainstorm

Or, watch the 10 minute video about it:

Step Back and Brainstorm

Step 1: Divide your business into no more than 6-8 areas.

Example: Business Areas:
1. Self Care (taking care of myself so business and life can thrive)

2. Brand and Profit Clarity (what I offer, who I work with, how my business makes money)

3. Getting Organized (paperwork, finances, etc)

4. Website

5. Marketing (how I create and build relationships with potential and current clients)

6. Product Development (offerings, products, services, workshops, etc)

7. Professional Development (continuing education and training)

These areas will shift and change, depending on what’s going on in your business. Self Care is #1 on the list, because without it, nothing else can happen! Start getting used to the idea that YOU need to be on your list of priorities.

Step 2: Under each area, write down 6-8 Goals you’d like to accomplish in the coming year.

Example: Brand and Profit Clarity
Decide on my business name and URL
Write a complete description of my ideal customer
Decide on what services I offer and how these services meet the needs of my customers
Figure out my overhead costs
Decide on my pricing
Figure out what my target financial goals are and how I’ll meet them

Can’t wait for next week’s installment of Part 2: Prioritize and Sequence?


Watch the video now:

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