In my new, online kit, Worry-Less ToolKit, I show you both the lifestyle changes and practical tools you need to significantly reduce your nagging worries and anxious thoughts. Here are 4 Steps you can use to shift your inner experience today.

  1. Make lifestyle mini-shifts to lower your total stress load. First, assess the stress in your life — remembering that both positive and negative circumstances can be stressful. Preparing for a big event and dealing with a loss are both stressful to your system. Take steps to control the factors you can and let go of what you can’t.
  2. Learn to witness your worry and anxious, stressful thoughts, rather than just getting lost in them. Your thoughts aren’t you — they’re not even necessarily true! Creating just a little bit of distance between you and your thoughts by witnessing them can help keep stressful thoughts from spiraling out of control.
  3. Take control of your process by learning to rate your stress level on your own scale 1 – 10. Apply stress reduction tools appropriate to your stress level.
  4. Stay here, now. Worry and anxiety happen when you’re dwelling in the past or thinking about the future. Learn to shorten the time between noticing your stress and returning to the present moment.

You can learn to reduce your tendency to worry and get anxious. It takes time and patience to change this habit. While it may never go away completely, any habit can be diminished, and replaced with other positive coping skills.

I hope you check out my online Worry-Less ToolKit, which teaches you how to rate your stress level and provides practical tools  for each level, to use both in moments of worry and anxiety as well as everyday.

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