How are those New Year’s resolutions going? Need a little support to help keep you motivated and make your new action a habit? Try finding an Accountability Partner.

Research shows that people who make a change in a supportive situation are 100% more likely to succeed. 100%!

An Accountability Partner is someone you partner with for the mutual purpose of helping each other stay accountable to your individual goals. You each set your goals, then you talk at regular intervals to report in, get support, and brainstorm how to succeed.

Of course, this is just the kind of thing I help people do each week as a Life Coach, and I’d be honored to help you achieve your goals. But I’d also like to see you develop some positive, support relationships with Accountability Partners. You just can’t surround yourself with enough positive people!

Check out these 5 simple ideas for creating a Successful Accountability Partnership.

1. Define the purpose of the relationship, such as “support each other in business success.” Keep your calls to that purpose only, socialize other times.

2. Figure out your own desired strategic outcomes and the goals needed to achieve those outcomes. You might devote some meetings to this or do it on your own (or with me). Definitely share your visions with each other, so that you can be listening for when the other person is going off track, and they can do that for you. You might share a mind map of your ideas with each other. Use for this.

3. Meet regularly, at least every other week, and don’t skip meetings. Consistency is key.

4. Structure the meetings. Figure 30-45 minutes each. decide how will that time be spent, how much feedback and brainstorming, how much blowing off steam, how much reporting on progress, and how much sharing of resources. This can change each time, but should have some general parameters.

5. MOST IMPORTANT: Commit to concrete deliverables for the next meeting. When it’s your turn, report on progress, ask for help, feedback, resources, etc. The whole point of this kind of relationship is to keep you on track with your own plan.

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