Every day I wake up and ask myself: How can I help someone live a more empowered life today? It’s what gets me up in the morning — my excitement at helping you empower yourself to live a life filled with possibility, abundance, hope, and emotional freedom.

At the heart of how I coach people, and how I teach life coaching in the Holistic Life Coaching Certification are the empowering questions that create personal transformation. And I want to give YOU the opportunity to use the empowerment approach in your own life, right now.

Why Would You Want To Empower Your Life?

  • Because without empowering yourself you can have all the insight and knowledge in the world and nothing in your life will ever change.
  • Because you might know some interesting, cool stuff, but you’ll just stay stuck in the limiting beliefs and habits that no longer serve you.
  • Because empowerment means freedom of choice — and creating the inner and outer life you want

I want everyone, not just the students gathering for this year’s start of the coaching certification to have access to the tools of an empowered life.

That’s why I’m inviting you to join me for a FREE 28 Day Empower Yourself Challenge on Facebook beginning this Friday, September 23.

Because this Challenge has 28 of my most empowering questions!

To fully participate in this free Facebook event, download the Empower Yourself Workbook with all the questions, insights, actions, and worksheets HERE

Why not tell a friend and invite them to become more empowered, too?

Get your Free Empower Yourself Challenge Workbook by clicking on the image below.

Empower Yourself Workbook


Looking forward to seeing you in the Challenge!

All My Best,

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P.S. To find out more about the opportunities for personal and professional transformation in the Holistic Life Coaching Certification, which begins October 10th, click HERE.