This past weekend I visited my hometown on my way to and from a dance festival. While I was there, I kept thinking about one particular regret I have from high school.

I think about it every day.

And wish I had done it differently.

I wish I had learned to type.

If you’re old enough, you’ll remember that “Typing” was an elective you could take in high school, to learn to use all your fingers on a typewriter, as opposed to the “hunt and peck” method (cringe). People who took typing don’t even have to look at the keyboard!

But not me. Always the creative, always the rebel. My Mom would say, “Why don’t you take typing this semester? It could come in handy.” And I’d always reply, “NO! I’m not going to be a secretary!” (Which meant doing an non-creative drudgery job I hated.)

Boy, did I feel stupid when I got my first computer.

How did I not realize that being a creative person — and a writer to boot — meant that knowing how to type would be the most useful thing I could learn? That knowing that skill would unleash my creativity, not constrain it?

I think about this when I hear health and wellness professionals tell me they’re ‘creatives’ as a way of saying they can’t get organized or handle money smartly, or do anything with the business side of their work.

When the reality is, it’s only when the business side is handled that the creative side can truly flourish. And this is true for everyone, not just entrepreneurs.

From a Chakra perspective (energy centers in the body), this is a first chakra issue. The first chakra represents, among other things, survival — food, clothing, shelter — which are absolutely essential for life itself. Only when those are taken care of, can we move up the chakra system in development, through self esteem, boundaries, relationship, and personal power, to reach the heart chakra — compassion and service, and the chakras of creativity, speaking your truth, insight, vision, and connection to the Divine.

In other words, you’ve got to “take care of business” in order to truly realize your full, creative, human potential.

So, what’s your equivalent of “typing”?

  • Learning to handle money wisely?
  • Accomplish what you set out to and finishing what you start?
  • Getting and staying organized?
What do you need to learn to be able to grow into your most creative, fully realized self?

Identifying what those things are absolutely essential to your growth, empowerment, and self actualization.

If you’re a health and wellness professional, or want to be one, and you don’t want to deal with the business side of your work, you’re stopping yourself from realizing the fullest expression of your gifts. It’s vital that you put the foundation (that first chakra) under your heartfelt, creative service.

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And, yes, I did teach myself to type, but, unfortunately, I still can’t seem to use my pinky fingers. But I keep at it…

All My Best,




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