This month in the Your Spirited Life Discussion Group on Facebook, we’re exploring how to SPARK POSITIVE CHANGE in our lives.

When there’s so much going on around the world that seems negative and our own lives are often complex, busy, and stressful, I wanted to find a way to support us all in making positive changes in our self care and relationships, at work, and at home.

Out of of this desire, the SPARK POSITIVE CHANGE project was born! Each day, participants are getting tips, challenges, a little bit of science, and a whole lot of inspiration, as we walk this path of change together.

Today, one participant, speaking of being inspired to change her mindset around eating and meal planning, wrote:

“Thanks Annie, for helping me get my life back on track. It will certainly flow through to other areas.”

Is there some area of your life you’d like support in getting back on track? If so, it’s not too late to join us in the Facebook Discussion Group for SPARK POSITIVE CHANGE, our theme for the entire month of August.

Join the discussion HERE.

And to support you to SPARK POSITIVE CHANGE right NOW, here’s a free infographic to download and share:


Watch for an announcement of a FREE Online Workshop coming next week.

This anytime downloadable workshop will help you:
• Explore Your 5 Sources Of Happiness
• Learn the 6 Steps To Achieving Any Goal
• Discover the Top 5 Strategies For Making Successful Changes

I believe our efforts to SPARK POSITIVE CHANGE will ripple through our own lives, the lives around us, and echo positively through the world.

I hope you’ll join us!

All My Best,

Join the Discussion Group HERE. Get your free graphic HERE.