Really, who am I to dare to be a life coach?

This question popped up sideways recently when I was at a Zydeco dance, which is one of my favorite things to do. Zydeco is the music of southwest Louisiana — think rub board, accordion, and a driving beat you just HAVE to dance to. And there are specific partner dance moves to go with the music.

Anyway, one guy I was dancing with (we change partners for every dance) asked me what I did for a living. I said, “I’m a life coach and I also teach life coaching.”

Really stuck my neck out there, didn’t I? I didn’t just say I did life coaching, I admitted I TEACH it, too.

So he said, “Well then, you must know everything about everything.” And, yeah, there was a little challenge to how he said it.

But I didn’t have to think about how to respond. I simply replied, “No, I just know how to help people find the truth inside themselves.” And I gave him one of my big smiles.

Because that’s the simple truth of how I dare to be a life coach.

How I know how to help people find their own truth is from years of trainings and working with people, and also working on myself. It’s about listening very deeply and asking powerful questions. And it’s about getting out of my own way and trusting the deep knowing inside each client. But you see, I don’t have to know everything about everything because my clients do!

Because I believe deeply, with all my heart, that anyone can change their experience in life if they choose to, and that each of us has a deep wisdom about how to do that.

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