It was an autumn day in New York City in the late 80’s. Crisp and clear, with that warm sun that somehow manages to have a whisper of winter in it.

And I fell head over heels in love.

With marketing.

I know what you’re thinking, “Yuck! Marketing is sales-y and creepy and so forced!” Or, as a health coach client said to me recently, “I just want to work with my clients, I hate the marketing part.”

But that’s because you don’t know marketing like I know marketing. And how powerful and important marketing is — how truly vital it is — to you doing the work you love in the world.

What really made me fall in love with marketing was one conversation. I had started a women’s group when I moved to New York, called the Women’s Creativity Project and the kick off event was a gathering of about 50 women in a friend’s loft in Manhattan.

What an amazing group of energized women!

One woman, a friend of a college friend, came up to me during the event and told me she worked with entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them promote themselves.

This woman knew marketing!

So, I said, “That’s fantastic, you should create a workshop to teach entrepreneurs to do that for themselves. Then you could help more people.”

Here eyes widened. “That’s a GREAT idea, but I don’t know how to teach a workshop. Will you do it with me?”

So my love of teaching and my love of marketing came together in that one moment!

In addition to my busy massage practice,e spent the next few years teaching all over NY and New Jersey and writing for national magazines. It was amazing and fun and we helped a lot of entrepreneurs succeed.

I found marketing to be incredibly dynamic, interesting, fun, and creative! And through marketing, I’ve created some of the most meaningful, healing, and rewarding relationships with my clients and students. Relationships I cherish every day.

Marketing and I have each changed over the years, we’ve grown and expanded. I’ve loved learning about marketing’s newest facets, and teaching others to create relationships that benefit everyone.

So, really, you don’t have to love marketing because I already do!

And I’m here to help you help people find you in this noisy world. I’m here to help you make an impact, express your passion, and make a sustainable living.

Through my love of marketing (and decades of experience) I can help you —

  • Learn how to speak the language of your ideal customer, so she hears YOUR message through the noise all around her
  • Use simple on and offline tools to build relationships with people that effortless invite them to work with you
  • Create a consistent plan to promote your business that feels really authentic to who you are and doable in your busy life

I’ve created a new, focused way to work together to get one project, plan, or strategy HANDLED. It’s a crazy, simple idea — we just focus on the one thing that will have a HUGE IMPACT on your business — and create a breakthrough. (Don’t worry if you don’t know what breakthrough you want, I can help you figure that out.)

Check out all the details of my new Targeted Breakthrough Package HERE.

And maybe you’ll learn to at least like marketing, and all the rich and meaningful relationships marketing helps you create. I’m always optimistic about things like this.

All My Best,

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