Election. Holidays. Family. Cold Weather. Overeating. Shopping. Crowds. Money Worries. Travel. Social Gatherings. Loneliness.

Stress Anyone?

Could you use a break from all the stressors in your life, and some tools to help you stay centered and sane?

Give me two hours, at your convenience, and I’ll give you a free, online, mindfulness and meditation workshop where you will:
  • Discover the 3 Essential Habits to help you stay centered, steady, and grounded
  • Take the mystery out of how to start or refresh your meditation or mindfulness practice
  • Get answers to your questions about meditation and staying peaceful under stress
  • Enjoy live, Guided Meditations to relax and refresh you
  • Get Lifetime Access to the workshop recording, so you can remind yourself how to hold your center, and use the Guided Meditations again
  • Get all this from the comfort and ease of your own home, your favorite spot in the woods, or with a group of friends!
Find out more and get instant access to this free workshop you can listen to anywhere, anytime.

Holding Your Center Through The Busyness of Life:
A Free, Live, Online Mindfulness and Meditation Workshop

It’s FREE, so you can be, too.

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