Last week I got reminded why I do what I do and how incredibly rewarding and inspiring it is, all thanks to my client Brianna’s big secret.

Brianna came to me eight months ago with a secret dream. She’d lived in a small town her entire 32 years, gone to college there, and now had a good job, close family, and friends. But Brianna wanted something else, something different, something more.

And she’d kept that a secret.

What Brianna wanted was to move 3000 miles away to live in Portland, Oregon. She had come to me for two things: organizing that huge transition and support in finding it in herself to actually make such a big leap, away from home, family, and everything familiar.

Eight months later we had our last in-person appointment before her big move! Brianna had found a place to live, packed up or sold her belongings, received the OK keep her job and telecommute, said goodbye to friends and family and, most importantly, felt ready inside herself to go on a new adventure.

I have to admit I was just beaming with admiration for this bright, courageous young woman. She’d followed through on all the planning steps I’d laid out, faced her fears, kept calm through uncertain times, and is now on her way to living her dream.

Here’s what she wrote in the card that accompanied the beautiful neck scarf she’d knitted as a thank you gift for me,

“Dear Annie,
Thank you for your honesty, guidance, encouragement, wisdom, and patience. You have given me the courage and tools to take on a brand new challenge, and I am forever grateful for our time together. From the very bottom of my heart, thank you!
Sincerely, Brianna”

Well, you know I teared right up. Seeing a client realize meet her goal was truly a Life Coaching Dream Moment!  And I get to look forward to continuing to work with Brianna by phone from across the country, so we didn’t even have to say goodbye forever.

Receiving this reminder of what an honor and privilege it is to help others realize their dreams, just when I’ve launched the Holistic Life Coaching Certification, felt like a very special inspiration at just the right time, as well as a sign that I’m on the right path, living my own dream.

I want to help you live your secret dreams, too. If you:

  • aren’t lit up by your work anymore
  • never were lit up by your work
  • do a bunch of healing and helping things and need a structure to pull them all together

Maybe training in Life Coaching is right for you.

I know for sure it’ll give you the tools you need to both change your own life and help others change theirs. And I also know that the personal and profession growth my students have experienced transforms their lives in positive ways they can’t even imagine at the beginning.

Perhaps you need a reminder from Brianna, too — that you can make YOUR secret dream come true.

Get help with your decision: Is Training In Life Coaching Right For You?

Or go straight to see the program information: Holistic Life Coaching Certification

Or just email me if you want some coaching for whatever your secret dream is!

All My Best,


P.S. Please pre-register any of the three levels of the program (Independent Study, Apprentice, or Certification) by July 31st. No payments until August 15th. Email me with questions!