I was in the mall last night. I know, surprising, since I’m all about shopping local. Well, I’d just had a routine mammogram (everything’s fine) and I felt like I needed a little treat. So I combined some holiday shopping with a little retail therapy and bought myself a shiny new top for New Year’s Eve. And I ran into a client, so that was also a treat!

Walking around, and taking in the abundance, I realized I was feeling bad that I couldn’t make every sweet, innocent child’s holiday a beautiful one. Or even just get all the people I love the exact, most perfect gifts.

And then I remembered the song, “The Little Drummer Boy” (which we performed in the 3rd grade while drumming on coffee cans covered with red and green construction paper).

In the song, the little drummer boy feels inadequate because he has no gift for the baby Jesus. All he has is his drum. So he plays the drum and Mary nods and the baby Jesus smiles, and the boy feels fulfilled. He’s offered what he has, from the heart, and that is more than enough.

For myself, I realized that I could stop agonizing over everything. All I need to do — all I can do — is to do what I can. And that is more than enough.

The gift I have to offer, from my heart to yours, is a Free Webinar, “Transform the End of 2014” to help you finish out this year with more clarity and inner peace. It’s happening on this coming Tuesday, December 9th, at Noon EST and the replay will be available later in the day. I hope you’ll sign up and get some free coaching on how to make your holidays less stressful and get more clarity and inner peace. Learn more.

And I hope you’ll remember that whatever you offer from the heart this year is enough.