In my writing this year about the steps needed to create a successful plan for any project, goal, or your future, I realize I’ve been holding out on you! Not unlike when your grandmother gave you her beloved Christmas cookie recipe, but didn’t include the secret ingredient that makes them the best cookies in the world. I haven’t revealed the absolutely essential ingredient in any plan you make.

I didn’t keep it a secret on purpose, in fact, it just became clear to me the other day, when I was putting the finishing touches on the Plan Like A Pro For 2018 3-Day Challenge, which starts next week.

And I realized I have to reveal EVERYTHING about planning— especially this essential ingredient needed for your plan to become reality.

Because it’s what makes the difference between wishful dreaming and successful accomplishment, it turns frustration and disappointment into celebration and satisfaction.

What do we already know about planning?

  1. In the Powerfully Productive Process, I told you about why planning is so important. How planning makes the difference between wandering aimlessly through the busyness of life and feeling a sense of deep connectedness and satisfaction. And I gave you the 3 steps to creating a great plan.
  2. We know that, planning is essential, but not magical. The plan doesn’t actually do itself. The goals you set, projects you envision, and outcomes you want don’t magically happen just because they’re written down, even if you’ve diligently laid out the tasks in your appointment book.
  3. We know that things will happen and you will respond to them, you will act, but will your actions take you where you want to go? Not without a plan.

But even the best plan in the world can’t make you take the actions necessary to make it real.

The plan doesn’t make you keep doing whatever needs to be done, no matter what else is going on. It doesn’t make you get back to it when you go off course. And it doesn’t make you try again and again.

But there is one essential ingredient that does all those things… YOU.

Yes, YOU are the essential ingredient to your plan.

Your insights and honesty, your intuition and creativity, your humility, wholeheartedness, tenacity, and realness are what make your plan come alive and actually get implemented.

That’s why, in the Plan Like A Pro For 2018 Challenge, beginning December 4th, we’ll look at what it takes for you to BE THE PERSON WHO GETS IT DONE. Not just the planning itself, you’ll easily accomplish that in the Challenge, but for you to be the person who follows through, takes action, and gets results.

I’ll show you how to be the person whose plan succeeds, the person who shows up as that essential ingredient in creating the life they want.

Sign up for the Plan Like A Pro For 2018 3-Day Challenge HERE and join me for a fun process that I guarantee will change how your 2018 turns out… as long as you bring the essential ingredient!

All My Best,

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