This week, we’ll look at Step 2 of the 3 Step Becoming Powerfully Productive Process:

  1. Step Back and Brainstorm
  2. Prioritize and Sequence
  3. Make Everything A Project

Using the “Prioritize and Sequence” step keeps you from becoming overwhelmed, procrastinating, or feeling the constant pressure to do more all the time. All of that is counterproductive and it all can be counteracted with this one step!

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Become Powerfully Productive Process Step 2: Prioritize and Sequence

Step 1: For each business area, decide which goal would have the MOST IMPACT on that area of your business. Which goal would move that area forward the most?

Example: Brand and Profit Clarity

  1. Decide on my business name and URL
  2. Write a complete description of my ideal customer
  3. Decide on what services I offer and how these services meet the needs of my customers
  4. Figure out my overhead costs
  5. Decide on my pricing
  6. Figure out what my target financial goals are and how I’ll meet them

In this Brand and Profit Clarity list, which goal would really start to make your business feel like it’s really happening and ready to be promoted? All the goals are great, but which one is the most DOABLE and IMPACTFUL? That’s where you’ll begin.

In the above example, knowing your ideal customer inside and out is the foundational piece you need before any of the other things can be figured out. That means it’s the one to begin working on.

Step 2: Once you have the first goal decided, put the other goals in priority order. SEQUENCE the goals in a way that makes them easiest to accomplish.

Step 3: Now that you have the goals prioritized and sequenced, divide the list into QUARTERS of the year. Only focus on what you can do in the next 3 months, given that you’ve got 6-7 other areas of LIFE that will also have goals.

Remember, you CAN do everything, you just CAN’T DO IT ALL AT ONCE!

When you’re done with this step, you’ll have your 6-8 Areas prioritized and sequenced, as well as divided into 4 quarters.

Want to hear me explain it? Click the video below:

What did you identify as the one thing that would have the MOST IMPACT on your business right now? What will you PRIORITIZE? I’d love to hear what you’re working on!

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