Soul Work Journey

Do you know where you are on the journey to do work that lights up your Soul?

Do you have a vision for what each stage of your journey looks and feels like? Are you asking the right questions and using the right tools to make the most of where you are and to get to where you want to go?

Whether you’re dreaming up a new business, thinking about retiring,or anything in between, it’s vitally important to ask yourself the right questions, clarify your deep longings, connect to your passion, and take action — using the right tools.

Let’s look at the 5 stages of your work journey and the questions you need to ask to keep you on your right path to fulfilling your work purpose in a deeply satisfying way. And learn about the tools you can use to guide you at every stage.

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The 5 stages of your journey in your doing your soul work in the world are:

  1. Dream Up
  2. Start Up
  3. Ramp Up
  4. Spread Out
  5. Move On

Here’s a bit about each stage, so you can see the big picture and identify where you are right now.

Download the Soul Work Journey Reflection Guide, for a deeper dive, reflection questions, and a tool for each stage.

Dream Up

In the Dream Up stage, you haven’t opened your practice or started your classes yet. You might be still in training, or just finishing up. Either way, you’re starting to envision how it will be when you’re actually seeing clients, teaching students, or making products — or all three!

Start Up

Just like it sounds, in Start Up you’re beginning to do your work in the world — and people are actually paying for it. You’ve got a website or Facebook page, you’re seeing a client or two, and maybe you’ve got a workshop or class series planned. You might still have a day job, but you’ve begun your soul work career. Congratulations, you’re on your way!

Ramp Up

Ramp up is that thrilling time when you’re really starting to get busy with your soul work. Your dream is coming true! It’s an exciting and, potentially, exhausting stage, as you juggle to juggle the new career, a personal/family life, and maybe a day job as well.

Spread Out

You know you’re in Spread Out phase when you’ve got clients, customers, and students on a regular basis and you either need to hire someone to help work with them, or you need a bigger location. Another sign is you want to add a new modality or service to the work you already do.

Move On

Many wellness entrepreneurs can’t imagine giving up their work, or see themselves “retiring.” I’ve got a former massage therapy student in her 80s who still teaches self massage to local seniors. But Moving On is a very real option — no matter how long you’ve been doing your work — whether it means you shrink your availability or close/sell your business. While I felt a very deep calling to run my school, I also felt a deeper calling to move on and lead a more quiet, contemplative life. Self reflection is very important at this stage.

Whatever stage of your soul work journey you find yourself — Dream Up, Start Up, Ramp Up, Spread Out, Move On — name and claim it! Get the help you need to vision, discern, and listen deeply to what’s needed to make each stage rewarding and successful.

Get your Soul Work Journey Reflection Guide HERE.

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