I can, and will happily, give you advice, inspiration, tools, and techniques for designing and organizing your life. But if you don’t know why you’re doing it, nothing I say will make a difference.

I’m not talking about some standard line about why you should do it: that you’ll be happier, less stressed, more peaceful and relaxed. All those things are true. If you design a simpler, more consciously organized and chosen life, you’ll feel better. A Lot Better.

But generalities like that are NOT going to get you to pack the 63rd box, update your project planner, or say No when you need to. Only a deep connection to WHY you’re doing what you’re doing will keep you motivated through the long, hard days of changing lifelong habits and letting new ways of being unfold in you.

Why did I voluntarily become the general contractor of 850 square feet of new construction, sort, pack, sell, or donate half of my possessions, uproot myself from a beautiful home, and give up my free time and pleasures for a year?

Before I tell you my why, I want to remind you that my why and your why don’t have to look anything alike. You don’t have to want what I want. But in order to create what you want you have to really SEE it and know WHY you want it.

Exactly what will you get out at the end of all your efforts?

For me, I wanted 2 things: 

  1. A tiny house that was easy to clean, inexpensive to live in, and a unique expression of my sense of home. I wanted this because I wanted, more than anything else —
  2. More financial and time freedom.

So, my DEEP WHY was financial and time freedom. Specifically, I wanted less possessions (less things to hold on to emotionally, to store and maintain). I wanted to feel lighter. I wanted a place to live that was easy to walk away from for a trip, and lovely to come home to. I wanted to rent the big house and live more simply in a smaller space, with the help of rental income from the house. I still wanted to live in my Valley, near the creek and my wonderful neighbors.

Every time I got tired, overwhelmed, scared (the insulation is going to cost WHAT?!) I reconnected with my DEEP WHY and I held on to how I would FEEL when I had created what I wanted.

And it worked. I feel freer and lighter in every way! And once I get over the sheer exhaustion and get everything put away, I’m going to put my feet up and have a cup of tea — and maybe another nap — to celebrate.

Figure out your deep WHY to motivate you through any change, any project, or any part of your life.

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All my best,

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