Let’s take a look at the 4 pillars — the cornerstones, the building blocks — that have to be in place in order to have a strong and successful business. ANY business.

You know I work with wellness practitioners to help them THRIVE, but lately I’ve been sharing the timeless marketing and business principles that ANY business needs. Because there are just some things that apply to every business.

And it turns out they’re pretty great principles for life and relationships, too.

Here are the 4 Pillars of a Successful Business

Without body, mind, and spirit self care, no entrepreneur can survive for long. I work with burned out people all the time and I see how simple self care is absolutely vital to being creative, doing your best work, and communicating clearly.

Simple self care here means drinking lots of water, eating regular meals, working to eliminate limiting beliefs and creating a positive mindset, and staying connected to Spirit (whatever that means for you).

Think you can skip self care or mindset work?

Turns out you can, but not for long. And especially in the healing arts, if we’re ungrounded, exhausted, or fear-based, it colors our work, which clients and students can feel, even if they can’t name it.

Lead by example, and take good care of your self.

When was the last time you sat down and really imagined what you’re trying to create in your business? Exactly and specifically who you want to work with and how you’ll make money?

Typically, we go to school to learn our modalities and we learn to work with lots of different kinds of people with different types of problems. We have a vague sense that we’ll be doing private sessions or offering classes.

But really successful entrepreneurs VISION what they want to create, down to the last detail, and then go out and make it happen.

Have you thought through EXACTLY what problems your clients and students have and how you solve them? In order to make a clear connection with people you want to work with, you need to know exactly who they are — their deep desires, needs, challenges, obstacles, and motivation.

Do you know your modalities inside and out, your scope of practice, your strengths, depth, and who you can’t/don’t want to work with?

This all matters.

If you can’t promote yourself specifically to your ideal clients and students, your speaking to no one and your marketing efforts are wasted.

Time flies by, doesn’t it? Wasn’t it last year you wanted to increase your small client list or get your website up? Or was that two years ago…

Creating the life you dream of having begins with some goals, some boundary setting, and a list of actions that will take you were you want to end up.

Instead of sidetracked or stalled.

Your life goals — how you want to live — determine your business goals. What kind of lifestyle do you want? What are your priorities? Decide how your business is going to support the life you want, not the other way around.

Now you’ve got to create some marketing goals, so you can reach those business goals. And your marketing goals need tasks to make them come to fruition.

You need an action plan! Planning makes everything possible, keeps you motivated and on track, and free from overwhelm and distraction.

For more about how to create Action Plans that help you get things done, be sure you’ve downloaded these FREE resources:

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Self Care, Vision, Clarity, Action Plans are the 4 foundational pieces to any successful business. None of them are “do it just once,” all are living breathing processes to engage in regularly. If you do, your business and life will thrive.

All My Best,
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