Let me tell you why everyone should teach something. But first, I have to admit I’m a teaching geek.

I’ve loved teaching since my father made us a chalkboard by painting a piece of plywood with backboard paint, adding some trim and a ledge on the bottom to hold the chalk. I lined up my dolls and stuffed animals for “school” and gave lessons in the garage.

But teaching is about so much more than giving information, and the best teachers open our minds and hearts by making us think, wonder, expand, and question, in addition to giving us the gift of knowledge.

I believe everyone has something to share — a favorite recipe? a love of knitting? the best stretches for after a run?— that would be fun and fulfilling to teach others, whether it’s formally or just sitting around the kitchen table.

A Short List Of Why Everyone Should Teach Something:

  1. Teaching connects you to others in a new way, building on a bond of shared interest and creating a special history together.
  2. Teaching focuses your passion and gives you a reason to dive deeply into it, giving your research and experimentation a direction and focus.
  3. Teaching helps you explore, clarify, and deepen your own knowledge, bringing you even more understanding and enjoyment.

And if you’re a health and wellness professional, teaching workshops and short courses is one of the absolute best ways to reach new people and help your clients and students achieve greater results.

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In early November, I’m offering a short, interactive, online course offering step-by-step guidelines to teach anyone how to design and teach a powerful and transformational experience, whether it’s a workshop, seminar, lecture, or informal learning experience. On ANY TOPIC!

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I’d love to help you bring teaching into your life and work to expand your work, knowledge, enjoyment, and legacy.

All My Best,


P.S. I’d love to hear about a powerful learning experience you’ve had. What made it memorable? Please share in the comments below.