This month, I’m focusing on ways to Spark Positive Change in myself, and my clients and students.

And I have to admit that I’m very greedy. I want more positivity in my life! I want the changes I make to be deeper and more lasting!

I mean, who wants to keep doing the same thing (that’s not working) over and over again? Who wants to keep dreaming about finally getting it together to _____________, and still not doing it? Not me.

And, obviously, not the members of the YSL Facebook Discussion Group who are rocking our month-long Spark Positive Change theme.

Our discussions are rich and meaningful, as people bravely share and support each other — from naming their deepest desire to admitting their biggest challenge. And we’re all finding that walking this path together makes a big difference. Everyone is lifted up in the group experience, as we balance loving and accepting ourselves where we are, with working to create a more joy-filled and authentic life.

To provide everyone with the tools they need to Spark Positive Change, I’ll be sending you a link to my new, FREE workshop, A Step-By-Step Guide To Spark Positive Change In Your Life.

In this free, instant access workshop you will:

  • Learn a step-by-step process for successfully choosing and following through on a positive change in any area of your life
  • Discover the 5 sources of happiness
  • Learn the 6 Steps To Achieving Any Goal
  • Discover the Top 5 Strategies For Making Successful Changes

Check your inbox later this week for your free workshop, which you’ll be able to watch and re-watch anytime it’s convenient for you. And I’ll include some worksheets to help you get the most out of it.

Until then, you can still join us on Facebook HERE.