Can I share something with you I don’t usually like to admit? I lost my motivation.

I tend to “overload my plate”, neglect my self care, and then have to recalibrate every once in a while. This time I’ve been on “all out” for so long I didn’t even see what was happening.

I finally got the message when I realized how stuck I’ve been on moving a few projects forward.

Have you lost your motivation, too?

Do you ever feel like you:

  • Can’t seem to make progress on things you really care about?
  • Feel like you’re going in slow motion?
  • Can’t see clearly what needs to be done or how to do it?

In this week’s blog, I share what I did to bounce back and the 3 surprising ways you too, can get your momentum back.

It’s over on the social engagement platform, Medium, so click HERE to read more.

I promise this blog is not about time management, productivity, planning better, or being more organized.

It’s about being human.

All My Best,

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