It’s that time again — back to school, back to work, back to sweaters and boots (at least here in the northeast), and that means it’s another Goal Setting Season! I like to use seasonal changes and yearly flows to shape my rhythms and pursuits, and decades of “fresh starts in the fall” means it’s a great time to think about the 8 Most Valuable Life and Business Goals To Pursue Right Now.

I had a teacher who used to say, “Whenever you wake up, it’s morning,” meaning that you shouldn’t beat yourself up for not realizing, starting, or doing something sooner. Be on your own time table. So whenever you’re reading this, if you’re drawn to the idea of identifying a meaningful goal and pursuing it, then it’s the right time for you.

But how do you know what goal to pursue?

And which of your many ideas to pursue first? Would organizing your desk be the best place to start? Or looking for a new job? Should you start a blog or create a Facebook page? Exercise more or eat less? And how do you do anything new when your life is already packed full?

Check your pulse right now, did it just get a little quicker? Take a nice, long, slow deep breath. Please.

When I step away from my busy days for a moment, like when away for the weekend or driving a long distance, I can see so clearly what I need and want to do differently when I get back home. Stop eating dinner so late! Walk more! Work on my book every day! Then I get home, and life, and the reality of my energy level, kicks in and I’m back to where I was before. Not a bad place, but still, there are these longings…

Can you relate?

Answering your longing to make positive, forward movement is what makes your life and work meaningful and reflective of your values. It’s worth your time! And choosing a goal that will have the most impact FOR YOU (not anyone else) is important, too.

Here are the 8 Most Valuable Life and Business Goals To Pursue Right Now:

(Breathe, choose from your longing for meaning and satisfaction, not your “shoulds” and fears.)


1. Figure out with deep clarity what the solution you’re offering clients, students, or customers is. Know it, and them and their problems, inside and out before you do one more thing to promote your work.

2. Set aside regular time to work ON your business each week, quarterly, and yearly, separate from the day -to-day work IN your business, like seeing clients and teaching classes. These are times, like 20 minutes on Sunday nights, or a whole day every quarter, where you would review your efforts, vision what you’d like to manifest, plan your work and play time, and lay out your project tasks on your calendar. Need help figuring out what to plan? Click HERE.

3. Set up a system to organize how you accomplish your business goals, such as getting 3 more new clients, filling your next workshop, or updating your website. A general to do list does not get things done, it just ends up being something you shuffle around and rewrite. Learn to turn goals into projects, list the tasks, set due dates, and get things done. Get my step-by-step system HERE.

4. Create and maintain a regular schedule of communication with your potential and current clients and customers. This could be emails, a blog, a social media platform, or website. (Or all of the above.) Plan, well in advance, when you’ll connect with them, what value you’ll provide, and when you’ll pitch what products, services, and classes.

For an overview of what you should be tending to in your business and when, be sure to check out the FREE Plan To Succeed Masterclass (with worksheet and Success Planner) HERE.


1. Befriend Your Money: Become intimate friends with your money, no matter how much or little you make or have. Track it, guide it, set goals for it, learn about how to use it more effectively, release your mindset blocks about it, and make more conscious choices with it.

2. Do something for your health: There’s a ton of great health information out there and what you choose depends on your body type, current health, and goals. There really are only 3 options when it comes to making a change toward better health: you can either add, subtract, substitute some behavior you have now. Things like add more walking, subtract sugar, or substituting a sweet potato for french fries illustrates these options. Decide what’s realistic and doable, and go forward from there.

3. Make time for your Spirit. I’ll make this one really simple: take 20 minutes for your spiritual life every day. Read, meditate, listen to a podcast, do a guided meditation, or go on a mindful walk. Figure out when to do it, deep down you already know why.

4. Honor your human need for meaningful connection. Put down your phone and hug someone, ask someone how they REALLY are, start dating again, or find a fun, healthy social activity. You are a human being, not a human doing, please honor that.

Find lots of FREE Inspirational Resources HERE.

Remember, none of these goals are right unless they’re right for YOU.

Leave out your inner critical voice and decide on a goal that will have the biggest positive impact on your life or business. Choose goals that are connected to your deepest WHY, in alignment with your values, and start small, so you can follow through without too much resistance.

Need help? Sign up for a FREE 30 Minute Discovery Session to see if life or business coaching with me is right for you. I can help you hone in on your most impactful and realistic goal and get started. It’s totally free, no obligation.

All My Best,

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