For years I’ve been making noises about teaching what has been, hands down, the MOST POWERFUL personal growth work I’ve ever experienced, studied, or used with clients. I’ve only taught it once, several years ago. Lately I’ve finally felt, deep inside, that it’s time to teach it again.

Maybe it was the Super Blue Blood Moon last week…

You see it’s very deep work (not for everyone) and it’s intense to teach. This is because it works on the psychological, emotional, spiritual, physical, and energetic levels, so it creates big, deep, and life changing results. I’m ready and very excited to dive into this extraordinary work again. In fact, I feel like I HAVE to share it!

So I need to know who’s interested, because I’ll only teach it if there are enough people.

NOTE: this is a BOTH a personal and professional training, but there will be an option to just do the personal growth aspect.

Here are the details, with an option at the bottom for you to sign up to learn more.

Mind Body Transformation: Healing Through Body-Centered Psychology and The Chakras

Results you’ll experience in yourself, and with clients and students:

  • Profound breakthroughs in healing old, negative behavior patterns
  • Deep understanding of energetic architecture and how you and others relate to the world
  • Softening of your inner critic and a new depth of self love and self acceptance
  • Creation of new connections, communication, acceptance, and understanding in all relationships
  • Release of core limiting beliefs that have held you back from contentment, pursuing your goals, and manifesting ideas in the world
  • Strengthening of energetic boundaries in your personal and professional relationships

What You’ll Learn and Practice: (and use with clients and students in the future):

  • System of Body-Centered Psychology to explain who you are, why you experience the world as you do, and how to create profound inner freedom
  • The ancient Yogic system of Chakras (Energy Centers) to understand your sacred journey, where healing is waiting for you, and how to manifest your highest aspirations in the world
  • 3 Tools for self acceptance and self love you’ll use daily as you work to release your negative beliefs and habits
  • Tools to release the anxiety and stress that can come with personal growth work
  • 4-Part Mindset Strategy to release lifelong (and often unconscious) beliefs and stories that hold you back
  • Strategies and protocols for working with clients and students (if you choose the Professional Training level) as well as Skills Practice Time

How It Will Work: (More specifics to come)

Mind Body Transformation is a combination of online lessons you do at your convenience, and live sessions via video conferencing (recorded for viewing later), plus a private Facebook Group. The program will run this spring, beginning in March.

Who It’s For:

  • Anyone ready to make a huge leap forward in their emotional and spiritual growth, and ready to dedicate some time to their inner work
  • Coaches, yoga teachers, massage therapists, counselors, aromatherapists, or any wellness professional who seeks powerful new skills for work with clients and students in a wellness, growth, or holistic setting

Who It’s Not For:

  • It’s not for people who are in crisis or survival mode right now, or who are working through mental and emotional traumas on their own, without professional support.
  • It’s also not for people who have no experience in any sort of personal growth or spiritual work, either on their own or in a coaching or therapeutic relationship.

Does this work intrigue you? I am so ready to take this deep dive with a group of dedicated, courageous, and soul-centered seekers!

So please tell me if you want to LEARN MORE by clicking HERE.

(This is not a registration or any commitment, just you expressing your interest in learning more about the program.)

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. Thank you!

All My Best,

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