White space isn’t just for designing things in print, it’s for designing your life, too. And here’s why you need more of it and how it puts more LIFE into your precious time.

In graphic design terms, ‘white space,’  refers to areas left blank. You know when a poster or webpage is too busy to even see what it says? Lack of white space can create a visual overwhelm that causes you to shut down and move on, without reading or taking in anything that’s been presented. In the art of creating your life, white space needs to be included, too. In fact, the addition of white space can make all the difference.

Without enough white space, you might feel like you’re never really in the moment, or that you’re always pulled in multiple directions, busy but perhaps not satisfyingly productive, or maybe just plain exhausted by your life.

Does this sound like you?

As we head into the end-of-year holiday home stretch, a little white space can make the difference between enjoyment and exhaustion, between starting next year feeling refreshed and centered and dreading it. And planning your 2018 with the idea of white space in mind can create more productivity, efficiency, ease, and a feeling of true presence AND accomplishment at the same time.

What is white space in everyday life?

White space means you leave a realistic amount of time before and after events so you stay relaxed, centered, and present and helping you avoid overwhelm, chaos, and strained nerves.

Like the strained nerves that cause you to snap at your spouse or that make your blood boil when you’re stuck in line.

Simple White Space Questions To Ask

Whether you’re planning your day, a trip, or the coming year, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Is there enough time before something, such as a vacation, conference, or business promotion TO GET READY WITH EASE (not in crisis mode)?
  • Is there enough time afterward to RECENTER, REGROUP, AND RECOVER? (and unpack!)
  • And the most powerful question of all to ask yourself,”Can I breathe in this schedule?”

Ask yourself, “Can I breathe in this schedule?”

In the big picture of your life, as you think about the coming weeks and months, do things already seem like a blur? Do you feel like you have to just put your head down and plow through? Are you planning enough time for your true priorities? Are you creating the space around events, trips, and appointments, so you can be present for your own life?

Without white space, you’re missing out on something vital and irreplaceable — YOUR LIFE!

It’s a myth that busy = important or valuable, or lovable, or worthy. It doesn’t.

A few years ago I gave up rushing for the 40 day period of Lent. By doing that I created a new habit of not rushing, which changed how I plan my days. I don’t try to squeeze in one more thing on the way to an appointment if it means I’ll have to rush and stress myself out. And you know what? Everything that’s important still gets done!

You’re NOT a human doing and your body and brain need white space, too.

When was the last time you had some completely unstructured time, and didn’t feel guilty or distracted?

White space can be as simple as time to get some water and go to the bathroom between client appointments or time to restock the fridge and do laundry after a trip. And it can be as profound as a long retreat or sabbatical.

Everyday white space honors your true needs.

Creating white space means you’re honoring how much time YOU need to prepare for or recover from any event. It’s not about anyone else. How much time do YOU need to pack for a trip, to get out of the house in the morning, or to recover from a busy day? Only YOU can know and honor those needs.

If you do, you’ll be deeply rewarded with not only feeling grounded in your body and centered in the moment, but you’ll have the energy for visioning and creating your future.

Tips For Creating White Space

  1. Start with the bigger picture. Step back to look at your priorities and how you want to spend your time
  2. Be realistic about your responsibilities, needs, and limits
  3. Identify where you need help, from chores to procrastination issues, to moving forward in life and work
  4. Plan your year, months, weeks, and days for large and small periods of white space

Creating white space daily, and for longer periods throughout the the year, will keep you feeling balanced and in touch with your true self, and help you feel that you are really living your authentic life.

Need Help?

I’ve created a little program to help you become the an artist in creating your spacious life.

I just finished teaching the Plan Your Best Year Challenge and the students were astounded at how the concept of white space could revolutionize how they envision, plan, and live their lives in the coming year. And that’s just one of the eye-opening ideas that will change how you plan and live.

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  • Feeling confident in your decisions about where to put your energy
  • Having clear boundaries about your time
  • Enjoying time for what’s most important for you
  • Coordinating activities, projects, and goals with ease

Plan Your Best Year will support you in so many ways —

  • Help you review, learn from, and let go of the past
  • Support you in taking the wisdom you’ve gained into the future
  • Provide a way to clearly define what you’re goals are for the coming year
  • Clarify how you’ll create balance in your life going forward

In Plan Your Best Year, you’ll find out how to step back and create a spacious year filled with your priorities, making it much easier to create days and weeks that add up to the life you truly want.

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Wishing you lots of beautiful white space,

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