Let me take you “behind the scenes” of my coaching and online teaching work and show you the 3 things that make my wellness practice possible. Not even successful, just possible.

It’s not what you think. This isn’t about how organized I am or about some business tools I use. Although I have figured out some great tools and systems to make things happen! I recently shared my productivity tool, the Powerfully Productive Process, because I love sharing things with you that really work for your wellness practice and your life.

This is the deeper stuff.

Did you know there are actually 7 areas of your wellness work you need to tend to? Yup, seven. But just ONE of them makes all the others possible.

Self Care is the #1 area of your work you must attend to and makes all the others possible.

Here are 3 things I do for self care, (in addition to all the business stuff) that make my wellness practice and life work:

1. Get support for my own process

I can be hard on myself, and between that and all the deep listening I do with clients, I need someone else to listen to what’s going on with me, just like I do for clients. (We all need this!) I turn to a professional for that and work with her regularly, to keep me clear-hearted and fully available to my clients and students — and to myself.

Do you have someone in your life who listens to you with no personal agenda, other than your highest and best good? Someone to work through things with? A friend, coach, mentor, therapist, or clergy could be an important part of your personal team.

2. Take time off

Honestly, if I don’t Zydeco dance regularly, I get very grumpy! I need to see my 90 year old Mom, who lives 325 miles away. And I need to garden, a lot. When I give myself these things regularly, I’m eager to work and care for others.

What do YOU need? What do you do purely for pleasure and joy and fun? I’ll bet you could do it a little more and then everything else will flow so much more smoothly.

3. Work to clear my blocks

Yup, just because I’m a life and business coach doesn’t mean I don’t have things to work on in myself. I’ve got blocks and limiting beliefs, too. I use all the tools I teach my clients and students to untangle myself and I use them every day.

Are you giving yourself the time and tools you need to clear your head and heart? Making personal work a regular part of your life fully integrates your inner and outer life to create a seamless authenticity.

I still have to do all the back end organizing, planning, follow through, and staying motivated to make my business work. But these three things — support, play, and inner work — are what make everything else possible. And I love what I do so much, that I’m highly motivated to keep doing all these things so I can do the work I’m passionate about!

Let me leave you with 3 things I’ve learned along the way on my personal journey that have made all the difference in my lief and wellness practice:

1. Don’t try to create someone else’s wellness practice or business. Know your own nervous system and how much you can handle. Remember that what you plan to do or are doing, really DOES matter in the world. it doesn’t have to be a big huge thing, where you work with thousands of people for it to matter.

And you absolutely can fit your work and your self care into a busy life. Stop comparing yourself to others or to some image you have of how it or you should be. I’m a huge online business group where people are posting about publishing their books and big product launches every day. If I compared myself to them I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning. Instead I choose to be inspired by their accomplishments, and I concentrate on the little corner of the world where I can make a difference.`

2. Honor and forgive yourself. Every. Day. Celebrate little wins, like taking all your vitamins, following up with a client, or teaching a new yoga pose. Let go of comparisons, resentments, and regrets to free yourself up for what’s being offered to you in this moment.

If you came from a family with unrelenting standards, it can be heard to feel content and relax in your own skin. Practice including yourself in your loving care and embracing the you that shows up each day. She’s doing her very best.

3. You have to do the inner work for the outer work to flourish. Whether you need coaching to help with your critical inner voice, more training in your healing modalities, or help with the money-organizing-promotion side of your business, you can’t just sit by wishing things were different. You’ve got to go inside and work through what’s keeping you from realizing the life you want. What you find may surprise and free you, and the work may be a whole lot easier than you think. I recommend not going it alone.

Thanks for going behind the scenes and reading about what I’ve learned. Stay tuned, in the near future, I’ll be sharing about the other 6 vital areas of your business.

I’d love to hear from you about what makes your life and business possible. And if you need support, a nurturing reminder, or help processing things, please schedule a Discovery Session, if you’re a new client, or a regular session if you’re ready for that. Just click an image below to schedule:




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